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Biodiversity in Our Bay

The term biodiversity has multiple meanings. Some look at it in terms of genetics, others ecosystems, but most look at it in terms of species. Simply put, biodiversity is the variety of life within a system. The system could be on a small scale, such as a pond, or on a much larger one, like an ocean.

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Yep… Those Are Bald Eagles You Are Seeing in Pensacola

After Hurricane Ivan devastated our area in 2004, my son was working to repair docks in local waterways. One day after working on a project in Bayou Texar, he stopped by our house nearby and said that he had seen a bald eagle fly over. My wife and I both responded with amazement, but were really thinking, “yeah right.”

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Five Historic Pensacola Bars

Some people want to experience a new culture. Others like to see historic landmarks. And some of us just want to party. Here’s a tour that can satisfy all three – but mainly that last group.

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